The history of Essegibi begins in Milan in the late 1960s. Founded by Reale Mutua Assicurazioni for the delivery of mortgages and personal and commercial loans in Italy, it changed the company object in order to start purchasing, managing and recovering credits.

In October 2005, the Company’s ownership was transferred and renamed in Essegibi Credit Management S.p.A. and then into Essegibi Service S.p.A..

The Company has a long tradition in assessment, acquisition and management of NPLs, with a modern and precise vision to the ethical profiles in the recovery approach. Management activities are accompanied by the utmost attention to the reduction of unwanted dispute.


From 2012 the Company has expanded and diversified its business. In particular, in addition to the traditional asset management activities of NPLs, SGBS, thanks to key partnerships with both Italian and leading foreign investment funds, has increased its focus on crisis recovery from bankruptcy proceedings developing Special Situation Unit.


An important part of new core business consists in Real Estate Management and Real Estate guarantees relocation in order to assets’ revaluation, through the creation of vehicle (so-called Reoco, Real Estate Owned Company) for the court auction purchase and negotiation with the counterpart.


Special Situations

  • Investment opportunity analysis within bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Due diligence activity on company’s assets with a specific focus on Real Estates properties.
  • Financial intervention into recovery plans ex. Art. 67 f.l.
  • Composition with creditors contractor.
  • Single name claim purchase secured/unsecured also through SPV ex l. 130/1999
  • Securitisation transaction with UTP and NPLs, as arranger and sub servicer (license ex art. 115 T.U.L.P.S.).


  • Due diligence by the use of analysts, qualified operators and experts.
  • Real Estate focus through liens analysis, with external partners for the asset evaluation in specific cases.
  • Economic model application and formulation of the binding offer to be sent to the Bank.
  • Attitude to out-of-court solution.
  • Managing of critical situations through court action.
  • Art. 115 TULPS licensed by the Quaestor of Milan.

Essegibi Service S.p.A. aims to succeed as an independent operator in the world of non-performing loans, both secured or unsecured, as specialized partner for crisis situation management to create value from inefficiencies.