Our services

Essegibi is an independent operator, in particular in the world of non-performing loans: it evaluates and manages secured/unsecured, bank and/or commercial credit portfolios;

We provide a wide range of consulting and legal services related to divestment/de-consolidation operations, ranging from due diligence services to contractual texts analysis and closing management.

Our approach

Here below are some key aspects of Essegibi’s activity:

  • An attentive management of portfolio peculiarities, single positions and actual conditions of the debtor, useful to best calibrate the recovery operations according to the characteristics of the managed loan;
  • Particular focus is put on the anti-usury law: managed loans are specifically analyzed and, where necessary, re-quantified in accordance with current legislation and quarterly ministerial decrees;
  • A great deal of attention is dedicated to the analysis of possible out-of-court solutions allowing drastic reductions in recovery times and, likewise, a positive and favorable definition for debtors.

NPLs Portfolio Purchase

We purchase both banking and commercial non-performing loans. This activity consists in three steps: due diligence, contract deal, purchase finalisation.


  • Analysis, assessment and investment in bank-derived NPLs portfolios both related to consumers and Companies operating in Italy;
  • Perimeter on-desk analysis and due diligence activity about a selected sample;
  • Due diligence by the use of analysts, qualified operators and experts;
  • Real Estate focus through liens analysis and in specific cases with the support of external partners for the asset evaluation;
  • Economic model application and formulation of the binding offer to be sent to the Bank;
  • Closing with purchase agreement signature under Article 1260 c.c..


  • Attentive management of the portfolio peculiarities, of the single positions and of the actual conditions of the debtor;
  • Attention to anti-usury regulations and, where necessary, re-quantification in accordance with current legislation and quarterly ministerial decrees;
  • Attitude to out-of-court solution allowing drastic reductions in recovery times and, likewise, a positive and favorable definition for debtors;
  • Reduction and elimination of potential disputes risks through an attentive agreement analysis;
  • Managing of critical situations through court action if necessary.

NPLs Portfolio Management

We deal with NPLs management activities with the utmost attention to the reduction/elimination of unwanted dispute.

Special Situations

With reference to investment opportunities in bankruptcy proceedings, Essegibi proposes as an investor interested in assessing the company’s assets through the non-performing loan purchase.


  • Investment opportunity analysis in bankruptcy proceedings, pursuant to art. 124 b.a. ff. or purchase of residual assets pursuant to art. 105 and 106 b.a. ff..;
  • Due diligence activity of company’s assets with a focus on Real Estates property through the support of professional advisors;
  • Single name secured/unsecured claim purchase also through SPVs ex l. 130/1999;
  • Securitisation transaction with UTP and NPLs, as arranger and sub servicer (license ex art. 115 T.U.L.P.S.);
  • Real Estate guarantees relocation on the market, through the creation of vehicles (so-called Reoco Real Estate Owned Company) operating in Real Estate auctions and negotiations with counterparts with the aim of increasing the assets’ value either through purchase or deals with the counterpart.