Essegibi Service has a highly qualified staff representing the Company’s intrinsic value, led by the expertise and peculiar features of its members.


Clemente Reale

Clemente joined SGBS as President and CEO in 2007 and has been involved in credit business for over 30 years. He held management positions at Diners Club International both in London and in Italy and was chairman of TRC Group (largest private NPL investment firm in Italy) until its recent acquisition by Hoist Finance where is now head of Italy. Clemente was also a member of the board of several Italian and international companies.

Adriano Ghilardi

Adriano joined the SGBS team as Managing Director. He has twenty years of experience in the financial sector; in his career he also held the position of CFO in companies belonging to major banking groups. As a consultant he was also involved in wealth management and asset management for retail customers and financial analysis and planning for companies.

Matteo Durola

Matteo joined SGBS as Member of the Board of Directors with a focus on Special Situations and support to the finance area of the Company. Chartered Accountant and Auditor, he gained considerable experience in primary consulting companies such as Deloitte Consulting, B.I.P. and in several top multidisciplinary professional firms. He consolidated his experience in the real estate, financial and small-medium firm sectors. He provides assistance and advice to top management with a focus on financial management and development strategies.


Manuel Murante

Manuel joined the SGBS team as Investment Manager with a focus on Special Situations opportunities. Prior to SGBS he has worked in the Non Performing Loans and Special Situations unit at a top tier Italian distressed investment company. He dealt with valuations and due diligences of Non Performing Loans portfolios and Special Situations operations such as bankruptcy arrangements, purchase of assets from bankruptcy procedures and unsecured claims versus bankruptcy procedures.

Alberto Antongirolami

Alberto joined the SGBS team as Head of NPL Portfolio recovery unit. Prior to SGBS he has worked for over 20 years in one of the pioneer companies in the NPL Italian market where he has assumed roles and tasks of growing responsibility until being appointed Head of non-recourse receivables unit with the direction of internal resources and the network of independent legal advisors.